Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence often do not know where to turn. It is important to reach out to a lawyer who has experience helping victims, so you know your legal rights as well.

You have the right to both civil and criminal protections under Florida law.  You may obtain an order of protection from the courts. Usually the first order is temporary, lasting 15 days until a hearing can be scheduled for the Court to take testimony from the parties and their witnesses after which the Court will make the temporary order permanent. This order means the person who has harmed you or threatened to harm you must stay away from you. If there is not enough evidence presented, the temporary order may be dismissed.

Since obtaining a permanent order will require you to present proof to the court an attorney familiar with the rights of a victim can help you understand what the Judge will expect, and will help to prepare you for your evidentiary hearing.

If you live in Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County and need help understanding your rights as a domestic violence victim, contact an experienced attorney at Hilary Creary, P.A. today.