Dissolving a marriage is never easy. There are numerous issues to be resolved such as division of assets including the marital home, bank accounts, and pensions; as well as division of debts.  If children are involved the parties also have to deal with issues such as parental responsibility, time sharing, and child support. In some circumstances spousal support, also known as alimony, must also be dealt with.  Hilary Creary, P.A. can help you navigate all of the issues involved in contested and uncontested divorce proceedings.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

The easiest divorce to handle is one that is not contested by either party. In these cases, you may only need an attorney to help prepare documents. The courts will generally accept agreed parenting plans, and settlement agreements if the couple agrees and the terms of the agreements are reasonable and fair. When a couple can reach an agreement on these issues, getting divorced may be as simple as signing documents prepared for you by the attorney, and attending a brief final hearing. Hilary Creary, P.A. will provide you the level of assistance which is right for your case.

Contested Divorces in Florida

When a couple cannot agree on anything, divorces can get more complicated. In these cases, you need a strong advocate working on your side. As an experienced divorce attorney, Hilary Creary has dealt with these complex issues and provided strong advocacy for her clients in court.

If you live in the tri-county areas of Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County area, and you are in the process of filing for divorce or you have been served with divorce papers, you should contact Hilary Creary, P.A. for help. Whether you and your spouse agree on all issues, some issues, or no issues, you can get the help you need at Hilary Creary, P.A.