Juvenile dependency law is a complex field of law that could result in the termination of parental rights. When a child is reported to have been abused, neglected, or abandoned, there are other issues that result in the child being removed from the home, it is important to work with a skilled attorney who has provided representation in Dependency Court.

Our offices can help you work on a process of reunifying your family. We work with parents, grandparents, and other relatives to ensure the child’s interests remain in the forefront. We know these situations are complicated but we also believe that knowledge is power.

When parents are separated from their child, we help other family members who wish to have the child placed in their homes to ensure the child remains with family while parents are fulfilling their case plan tasks such as undergoing addiction treatment or completing required counseling requirements.  The goal is typically reunification with the parents but if that is not possible or in the best interests of the child, the court will consider other options such as permanent placement with the relative, or adoption.  We can also assist placement with relatives outside of the State of Florida through the Inter State Compact on the Placement of Children or ICPC process.

If you are in the Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County area, contact Hilary Creary, P.A. for help with all instances pertaining to dependency. Our office will take the time to make sure you understand your rights, what outcomes are likely, and serve as your advocate to accomplish the end goal which should always be family reunification.